Grusched is a GNOME application that can be used to edit the schedule on a Ruputer/onHand PC watch. Unlike the software that comes with the Ruputer/onHand this application doesn't run on Windows but runs on GNU/Linux (and maybe on *BSD, Solaris, etc.). The code is available under the GNU GPL.

Status : alpha

Currently grusched can read & write only the onHand file format only (the Ruputer one is slightly different). This is because I own an onHand but not a Ruputer.
Moreover not every features of the onHand schedule are supported: for example with the onHand you can have appointments that span more than one day.
In spite of this, I use the current grusched for 95% (if not more) of the schedule updates on the onHand. The remaining %5 I have to reboot to Windows, but to reboot once every 2 months isn't much trouble for me.

I think that grusched currently needs:

I won't put anything on the CVS before the package reorganization has been done.


For more info you can visit the project summary.



You can browse the list of the releases of grusched and download the latest.


Feel free to write me if you want to contribute.


Last Update: 6 Oct 2000 by zunrob